Additional Links For Your Information

  Do you like art, graphic design, web design, foreign language, journalism, or writing? You can post your own online portfolio on some of these sites and connect with other designers on others. Even if you are just into traditional art, there's a site for that. If you are an aspiring journalist or writer, again, there's a site for that. If you want a career as a translator, you guessed it , there's a site for that.

  Also, here are some online resources for designers, plus a few of the lesser known job sites. I am also including the names of some staffing agencies in the Chicago area. Also, here are some non-profits as potential sources of employment.


Social Networking and/or Portfolio Sites


Staffing Agencies in the Chicago Area


Creative Circle

Digital People


Wunderland Group


Resources for Industry Information and Design Competitions

Studica Skills


Job Boards




Like Art?

For Artistic Jobs

3D Tour

Art Deadlines List

Avanti Press, Inc.

The Bradford Group

Dragon Pencil

Leanin Tree

Oatmeal Studios

Victory Productions



Like Volunteering?



Volunteer Match

TapRoot Foundation

Non-Profit Oyster

Philanthropy Northwest

Relief Web


Like Foreign Languages?

For Translation and Linguistic Careers

Butler Hill Group linguists

CTS Language Link


Language Line Services

The Linguist List

Lionbridge Technologies

Rosetta Stone


Translator's Cafe



Like Writing and Journalism?

For Writing, Editing, and Proofreading Careers

Associated Content

Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

Freelance Writing


Journalism Jobs

Copy Editor Jobs

Places For Writers

Proofread Now

Sun Oasis

Writer's Weekly



The websites on this list were compiled from numerous acquaintances, internet research, and the book,

Work At Home Now: The No-Nonsense Guide to Finding Your Perfect Home-Based Job, Avoiding Scams, and Making a Great Living

by Christine Dunst and Michael Haaren.